Mineral engine oil SAE 40 API CD/SF.
The oil is intended for the use in diesel engines of heavy vehicles with supercharging, operating under maximum load. It is also possible to use it in the diesel engines of motor cars and trucks, and naturally aspirated gasoline engines.
It efficiently works in the engines of municipal, forestry, construction and agricultural machinery.
It is especially recommended for the use in the engines of machinery, which operates in the southern regions or where high viscosity of oil is required.


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Characteristic Typical value Test method
Appearance viscous liquid
Kinematic viscosity mm 2 /s (100˚ С) 14,2 ISO 3104
Kinematic viscosity mm 2 /s (40˚ С) 200,0 ISO 3104
Viscosity index 53 ISO 2909
Pour point, ˚C, -10 ASTM D97
Flash point, ˚ С, 227 ASTM D92
Density, 20 0С, g/сm3, max 0,910 ASTM D4052
TBN, mg KOH/g, 4,7 ASTM D 2896