Transmission oil ATF Type A. It has excellent antifriction properties and thermo-oxidative stability, it ensures stable operation of the transmission and precise gear shifting at low temperatures, it protects the transmission parts against wear and corrosion, compatible with all seal materials of the transmission.


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ATF III type a

Characteristic Typical value Test method
Appearance viscous liquid
Kinematic viscosity mm 2 /s (100˚ С) 6,8 ISO 3104
Kinematic viscosity mm 2 /s (40˚ С) 36,6 ISO 3104
Viscosity index 146 ISO 2909
Pour point, ˚C, -35 ASTM D97
Flash point, ˚ С, 226 ASTM D92
Density, 20 0С, g/сm3, max 0,890 ASTM D4052