All -season power fluid is made on the synthetic base with the use of a  special package of additives. It is noted for stability of properties under prolonged exposure to both high and low temperatures.  It is designed for automatic gearboxes, transmissions, hydraulic  power steering of motor cars, trucks, buses and off-road vehicles.


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ATF III sint

Characteristic Typical value Test method
Appearance viscous liquid
Kinematic viscosity mm 2 /s (100˚ С) 8,3 ISO 3104
Kinematic viscosity mm 2 /s (40˚ С) 41,6 ISO 3104
Viscosity index 180 ISO 2909
Pour point, ˚C, -42 ASTM D97
Flash point, ˚ С, 208 ASTM D92
Density, 20 0С, g/сm3, max 0,870 ASTM D4052